Meet the team


Coniston Mountain Rescue Team is a completely voluntary service, currently consisting of 36 team members........ some are less shy than others and detailed below.......

Roy Lake

Roy picky
Name: Roy Lake 
Member since: 1989
Favourite food: Italian
Daytime job: Retired
Hobbies: Mountaineering, cycling, open water swimming 

Jeff Carroll (Deputy Leader)

Jeff picky
Name: Jeff Carroll
Member since: March 1986
Favourite food: Spag Bol or a good steak
Daytime job: Field Sales Manager
Hobbies: Mountain Rescue, fishing, walking & mountain biking

Simon Honeyborne-Sharp (Secretary)

Simon Sharp
Name: Simon Honeyborn-Sharp
Member since: December 2015
Favourite food: Spit roasted chcicken or curry
Daytime job: New Age alternative shop
Hobbies: Fell walking, white water kayaking, mountain biking, family.

Rob Ingham (Team Leader)

Rob Ingham
Name: Rob Ingham
Member since: 2008
Favourite food: Egg & soldiers
Daytime job: Gardening & landscaping

Hobbies: Being outside, whatever the weather with my wife, sons and dog 

Joy Grindrod

joy  einich
Name: Joy Grindrod
Member since: MR since 1986, including member of SARDA team since 1991
Favourite food: Porridge
Daytime job: Artist
Hobbies: Being in wild places

John Robinson

John Rob picture
Name: John Robinson
Member since: 1974
Favourite food: Sunday roast
Daytime job: Retired
Hobbies: Fishing, cycling, Mountain Rescue

Adam Thickett

Adam picky
Name: Adam Thickett
Member since: December 2007
Favourite food: Any fresh fish
Daytime job: Outdoor pursuits instructor
Hobbies: Climbing, fell running, biking, cooking

Dave Shepherd

Name: David Shepherd
Member since: 1965
Favourite food:Roast Duck
Daytime job: Semi retired builder
Hobbies: Walking, Gardening

Matt Wardle (Vehicle / Equipment Officer)

Matt Wardle 1
Name: Matt Wardle
Member since: October 2011
Favourite food: Curry
Daytime job: Chef
Hobbies: Walking & Motor Sport

Christyne Judge (Assistant Leader)

Christyne picky
Name: Christyne Judge
Member since: 1998, including member of SARDA team
Favourite food: Steak
Daytime job: Police Response Officer
Hobbies: SARDA (Search & Rescue with Dogs) mountain biking, Kayaking, wild swimming

David Halliwell (Training Officer)

David Halliwell
Name: David Halliwell
Member since: June 2013
Favourite food: Curry
Daytime job: Engineering Project Manager
Hobbies: Walking, climbing, biking and Kayaking

Lee Harris

Lee new picky
Name: Lee Harris
Member since: November 2013
Favourite food: Steak or a good curry
Daytime job: Customer assistant
Hobbies: Walking, camping, travelling

Stewart Devlin (Comms Officer)

Name: Stewart Devlin
Member since: 2004
Favourite food: Fish & Chips
Daytime job: Offshore Telecommunication Engineer
Hobbies: Vintage cars, mine exploration & open water swimming

Janice Hamilton

Janice picky
Name: Janice Hamilton
Member since: 2008
Favourite food: Chocolate
Daytime job: Sales Administrator
Hobbies: Walking with my dog, Long distance walking holidays

Tim Brown

Tim Brown Photo
Name: Tim Brown
Member since: 2012
Favourite food: Jaffa cakes & Haribo
Daytime job: Arborist (Tree cutter)
Hobbies: Walking, running, canoeing, photography

Liz Ribchester

Liz Ribchester
Name: Liz Ribchester
Member since: December 2013
Favourite food: Lamb Henry
Daytime job: Teacher
Hobbies: Walking, scrambling, climbing, trail running, reading, writing & drawing

Jago Miller

Jago Miller
Name: Jago Miller
Member since: October 2014
Favourite food: Full English Breakfast
Daytime job: Adventure Filmaker
Hobbies: Mountaineering & Photography